Welcome to Plymouth Paranormal Tours, Myself and team thrive on providing the ultimate in after dark paranormal events in the South West of England with many years of knowledge between us and using the most up to date equipment within the paranormal field we endeavour to set out and prove that there is infact life after Death!


We use the following methods to communicate with the afterlife such as the Estes method, Ouija Board sessions, table tipping, glass divination, mirror scrying, transfiguration, spiritual mediumship, séance work within groups and of course using modern methods such as spirit boxes, SLS cameras, Dictaphones, REM pods, laser grids, static cameras, night vision cameras, EMF readers.


Please use the navigation page to proceed on booking your events and finding out about previous events, haunted locations we investigate and of course more in-depth information on what equipment to use and how to prepare for your first possible encounter within the paranormal world.