It goes without saying that a camera is one of the most important things to bring on your adventures. If you want to playback anything that has happened, you need to record it.

Similarly, if you see something that looks out of place, you can take a picture of it.

Cameras don’t just allow you to recall things later, but they can also capture things that are invisible to the human eye.

There has been plenty of ghost hunting shows where the crew takes pictures, and then later realizes there is some sort of anomaly or apparition in the corner.

Remember to invest in a camera with night vision though! You want to be able to see what you are recording, so check out cameras like the one above that can record and take pictures with night vision.


EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon and is most commonly associated with voices from ghosts or other supernatural entities. It’s incredibly important that you capture any EVPs because they help you understand a location or certain individual.

Using a recorder is the best way to pick up any EVPs. During your adventures, you can keep it on to record any that is happening or conduct a session of asking questions to see if you get any answers.

It’s important to know that you might not be able to hear an EVP at first. You may ask a series of questions and not hear any responses, but that’s totally okay! Check the recorder afterward and you are more likely to pick up on any EVPs.


EMF stands for electric and magnetic fields. These are basically areas of energy that can be picked up with a special meter. EMFs can come from several different things, including lightning, x-rays, cell phones, and microwaves.

Many people believe that ghosts can manipulate these fields, so it is important to track them. When you are ghost hunting, you should always track these waves.


If your audio equipment doesn’t pick up any voices, there is still a chance that a ghost is there (they are just being a bit quiet!).

EMF meters are very simple to use as well. If the number is higher, there is more ’energy’ present. Nearby ghosts can either raise these numbers or cause them to fluctuate, not giving a clear reading.


This is definitely an important piece of equipment for your ghost hunting adventures. This is another device that allows you to capture EVPs, but it doesn’t work like a typical audio recorder.

The Spirit box sweeps through AM/FM channels at a rate you can set yourself. The idea is ghosts would be able to manipulate and speak through these channels. The purpose of sweeping is to eliminate the possibility of interference from any nearby radios.

If an authentic EVP is picked up, it should cover more than one station, ruling out interference. These ghosts can speak over several channels, and they are trying to communicate with you.


The RemPod detects touch within its own electrical energy field, It is also different to an EMF meter. It doesn’t detect EMF like the EMF READER, meaning putting it near a plug socket or using it while the microwave is running will not trigger it. It works by detecting electrical energy, and will be triggered when anything at all breaks the EMF field that it creates.

“We would suggest purchasing multiple Portable RemPods”, you then have the ability to place them in different rooms, or various doorways. This means you would be able to catch a signal from any area within the home or establishment you are working in. Putting a portable Rem Pod in the doorway allows you furthermore to be triggered if there is a spirit coming and going from the space. This gives you insight into preference in space of the spirits.

They are easy to set up and track, as the noise and light sensors are loud and bright retrospectively.


Using modern body mapping technology these specialist cameras can map out individual figures creating a stick man image within the screen of the device, this device can also map out paranormal apparitions.