Greg Scott wrote:

I've been to The Tudor Rose Tea Rooms and Nun's Cross Farmhouse with this team. I have the freedom to get involved with interesting experiments going on during the evening or I can just do my own thing using my gadgets to detect things and capture evidences. I've even learned of a couple of new concepts after twenty years odd of my own studying into the paranormal field. It really is an evening to remember if you go to an event and the team are nice and friendly and they supply gadgets and activities for all to have the most personal experience they can and they cater to everyone regardless of investigation styles Highly recommended. ***** 5 star rating

Ros Collard wrote:

Went to Nuns Cross Farm for Halloween event. Was an experience that will not be forgotten and the most exercise I've had in a long time in the most appalling weather conditions you could imagine in the middle of nowhere but was laughing from the very beginning. Very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming with all equipment available to use. Great team fabulous location will be attending another event in the future *****5 star rating

Ian Waterall wrote:

Had a really great evening at The Tudor Rose Tearooms thanks for organising it

The group members were all polite, helpful and welcoming

There was a wide range of equipment you could use and you were shown how to use it

There were a few activities and experiments you could take part in which was good and you weren't made to feel like u had to take part in them if you didn't want to

what I liked most was that u weren't kept in a group all evening, you could go around by yourself, where as before I've done events and you're kept in a group and only had a short time by yourself

The Tarot reading was an added bonus especially since I'd not had one done before

I'm definitely going to do more events with the group

Definitely recommend them if you want a good experience that's value for money *****5 star rating

Mark Bricknell wrote:

We attended the Tudor Rose event on Saturday night and really enjoyed it.

Dean, our host, was really friendly and approachable and did his best to ensure we all had an enjoyable evening.

Plenty of equipment was available for people to use and we'd definitely book on one of the future events. ***** 5 star rating

Wheely Haunted wrote :

Great investigation. Honest lads and well organized. Great activities at the event. recommended ***** 5 star rating

Joanna Keane wrote:

Great evening in Bude last night. talks were all fantastic. then the investigation too which was awesome, thanks for a great evening. ***** 5 star rating

Tiz Liz wrote:

What a good night. Thank you to you bothof the team for sharing their expertise and for making us feel so welcome. Looking forward to the next one already. But please do not bring that board again ! 9 out of 10 !