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Fulford Manor (Exeter, Devon) Great Fulford is an historic estate in the parish of Dunsford, Devon. The Grade 1 listed Manor house, known as Great Fulford House, is about 9 miles west of Exeter. Its site was said in 1810 to be "probably the most ancient in the county". The Tudor mansion has been the residence of the Fulford family since the reign of King Richard I, making them Devon's oldest recorded family still in their original seat. The house and landed was gifted as a gesture for their sacrifice during the English Civil War. With notable members of the family being killed at the Siege of Exeter during the war in 1643, and so many years as a place of birth, life and death, it's no surprise the grand building boasts so many ghost stories. The Family hear unexplained noises, witness doors and objects moving on their own accord and not to mention full bodied appetitions, the families dog also appears to pick up on unworldly goings on within the building and grounds